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Imran GULFRAZ,Chartered Accountant and Associate President of IG Expertise.
Passionate about economics and finance as a whole. Supporting entrepreneurs and business leaders is a matter of course for me. Through the professional experience acquiredover many years in different fields of activity and territories (MONACO, France, Austria, ), I have learned to distinguish myself by my adaptability to complex situations and different categories.

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Our areas of expertise


The firm offers you its experience and knowledge at the national level including MONACO but also internationally in various fields of activity: Liberal professions, building, craftsman-trader, bar, hotel, restaurant, real estate, association but also specific activities such as yachting.


IG EXPERTISE offers you an accounting audit mission. This concerns both small and large companies, which have either an internal accounting department or an accounting secretary, or simply for companies wishing to set up a control of their accounts to comply with the rules in force.


The chartered accountant is a resource for the company. Our role is to accompany you with your company throughout its life from creation, through its development and until its transmission. Advice plays a key role at all these stages: Limiting risks, opting for advantageous tax regimes, increasing profitability and margins, growing, maintaining yourself, being concerned aboutyour personal situation, accompanying you to important appointments.

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Our advantages

Experience and knowledge

IG EXPERTISE with you on a daily basis, whether during creation, recovery or throughout your development. Each company ,each manager has different needs with regard to its accounting, depending onthe nature of its activity and its stage of development, we adapt and support you.

Modern office

A modern firm that uses new technologies, and a team as close as possible to economic realities and the concerns of managers. We are constantly evolving and adapting to customer needs and the environment.

Proximity and availability

The proximity and availability of your chartered accountant who can be reached whatever your need. A direct and privileged contact with him.

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What is an accountant?

Achartered accountant is a professional, holder of the French diploma ofchartered accountant, obtained after an 8-year course including 3 years ofinternship in a firm.

  • • He is registered with the Order of CharteredAccountants.
  • Hetakes an oath when registering.
  • It issubject to a code of ethics and professional standards.
  • He issubject to regular checks on his professional activity.
  • He is subject to a professional civilinsurance obligation.
What are its missions?

A chartered accountant is a generalist of yourcompany, a real simplification of administrative complexity. He is the onlyprofessional who can:

  • keep,monitor and stop your accounts
  • review and appreciate it
  • attest to its regularity and sincerity.Accounting is not his only field ofintervention, he can also accompany you on the following subjects:
  • funding assistance
  • business valuation
  • establishmentof payslips
  • legal assignments with works councils
  • export advice
  • preparationof tax declarations and assistance in the event of a tax audit
  • implementationof management tools, legal secretariat
  • administrativere organization (IT, personnel management, recruitment)…
How to outsource your accounting ?

Accounting and finance are increasinglyoutsourced functions. By calling on an external partner, such as a charteredaccountant, to manage these different aspects of your company, such as invoicingor cash management, you free up time to better think about your developmentstrategy, and you ensure that things are done according to the rules of theart. Here are some tips for outsourcing your accounting:

  • Make a preliminary analysis of the processes used in your company,
  • Determine the tasks to delegate to an accounting firm or to keep in-house,
  • Make an analysis of the cost and expectedgains,
  • Write a precise mission contract.
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